Take Earth Back.

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Oct 21

video game meme → [1/5] heartbreaking scenes/moments → “smoking mirror” ending

This is what employee 427 did every day of every month of every year.

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Parents’ association


Parents’ association

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Oct 19


bioshock infinite / disney parallels

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If everyone just follows their instructions, takes care of their particular role to a tee, everything is going to be fine.

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Come in, Chosen One. There are things you must know.
The village is dying. The signs are everywhere. Withering crops... dying brahmin... sick children.
There is hope, however. A slim hope that few know of. The old disks speak of an item called the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. It is said it can bring life to the wasteland. This will be your quest if you prove yourself worthy.
For that proof, you must first journey to the Temple of Trials. If you survive, come back to me we will talk more. Our life is in your hands, Chosen One.
Prove yourself. Find the GECK. Be our salvation.

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A late night Dunmer sketch that I liked enough to spend some time on quick colors… a small former ashlander merchant, perhaps? Authentic Dunmer craftsmanship, anyone? For you, Outlander, everything is half off :-)

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